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The biggest and probably one of the most beautiful departments of France. Lately, become more famous by the bridge at Millau. It might be in terms of nature one of the most beautiful regions of France, and also offers many opportunities for cultural discoveries.

Actually, every village is worth a visit: here it is a Romanesque chapel or the ruins of a feudal castle that will draw attention, a little further a fortified farm, a Gothic bridge or an old mill. 

The Aveyron has three distinct geographical regions: the first valley of the Tarn with its villages like eagle nests. Connected by nearly hidden paths that lead us to wonderful view points on a preserved nature. Tarn will bring us to the so-called "Route des Seigneurs du Rouergue" with castles that emerge as the Middle Ages. Here, the landscape gets more rounded shapes lined with fine green and forested hills where small streams meander lazily away. It is a region of powerful homesteads, as solid stone colossi in the landscape ... A little further south is again the rival between green and red color palette of "the Rougier de Camares" who invites us for walks. The region takes its name from its red ocher earth, again found in houses, churches and bridges ... you will not ignore the cultural heart On a visit to the cisterciencerabdij Sylvanès ... A wonderful natural and cultural walk at various stops where the gourmets can feast on local cuisine.

La Libaudié is situated in the south of the Aveyron near the river Tarn and Tarn department. At 40 km away Albi, a beautiful medieval town with its famous cathedral, now Unesco heritage. A little further you are wandering through the alleys of the old fortified town of Cordes sur Ciel, with its many art and souvenir shops.

Albi Cordes sur Ciel
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