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Fancy a holiday in nature? In the Corrèze, there are countless activities for those who love greenery and clean air. The possibilities are endless, and that's the big advantage of this beautiful department that offers over 1000 km of hiking trails.

The vast landscape lends itself to all kinds of trips and wherever you go, you will enjoy a beautiful view! How about riding on the heath, blueberry picking, a long walk or just quiet sit somewhere?

The Corrèze is located in the Massif Central, also known as the "water tower of France, because water plays such an important role in this landscape, sometimes quite striking, sometimes very discreetly. The many rivers and lakes, gullies and waterfalls provide in a wonderful water holiday.
Of course there are the rivers Vézère that attracts anglers and kayakers on the river Corrèze, the main towns and the Dordogne formerly provided a whole area of ​​commercial activity. Formerly were transported here by ship timber loads for manufacturing barrels for wine in Bordelais. 

Today you can explore the channels and the valley of the Dordogne in a gabare (a type of flat-bottomed boat). The Limousin offers numerous interesting sites for lovers of Romanesque architecture and art, such as rural churches, castles of granite and sandstone and picturesque old houses with slate roofs and flat stones. Everywhere you will find reminders of the past of this region: fountains, bridges, mills, wells, stone shepherd huts and decorated stone memorial crosses along the paths.

Furthermore, there are regional products of Limousin: meat (bœuf Limousin meat, dairy calves), poultry (goose, duck), and of course all kinds of cheeses, wines and liqueurs (which are so tasty that it would be sin too much at once from to drink). The Perigord walnuts and apples from Limousin bear the hallmark A.O.C.

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