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Moulin de Chevannes is located in the department of Saone et Loire, next to the Yonne, Côte d'Or Nièvre most southern department of the Burgundy region. 

Burgundy is of course known for its extensive vineyards that produce excellent and world famous wines, its vast rolling landscapes and of course good food. Come and enjoy the Burgundian lifestyle.

The main cities in the Burgundy his capital Dijon, Nevers, Auxerre, Beaune and Autun which are well worth a visit and where many historic buildings are open to visitors. 

Furthermore, this region is of course famous for the park le Morvan.


Dijon is the capital of Burgundy and features a special architecture. You will find beautiful buildings, mansions and half-timbered houses. The Dukes palace which Philip the Good Tower was built contains today the Museum of Fine Arts, and City Hall. The shopping arcades and numerous pedestrian streets are dotted with shops, fine grocery stores and terraces and are a delight for shoppers. A large hall hosts a large bustling market and the many parks can rest.


In Beaune you must definitely visit the mystical Hospices or simply Les Hospices de Beaune. It is a charity founded in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin as Hospices of Beaune (Burgundy). The original hospital, the Hôtel-Dieu is considered one of the showpieces of the Flemish Burgundian style, which leans in the late Gothic style of the 15th century. Today it is a museum building. The organization is also known for its annual auction of wine sales for charity, who has been financed with the premises of the organization.


Autun is pre-eminently a city of art and history. Its Gallo-Roman origins and powerful Romanesque art give this gateway to the Morvan the face of a timeless city. The splendid cathedral Saint Lazare Autun dates from the twelfth century. The church was built between 1120 and 1146 in honor of the relics of Saint Lazarus. During the Middle Ages relics were of impairment. Churches were more often built to offer a shelter for relics and the masses of pilgrims who then came down. In the fifteenth century, the bell tower, part of the choir and chapels in the right aisle were added.

excavations of Bibracte

Bibracte was the name of a Gallic fortress (oppidum), identified with the current Mont Beuvray in the Morvan. The name means possible Bibracte double reinforced. Bibracte, founded on one of the peaks of the Haut-Morvan, was the capital of the powerful tribe of Haedui. The vast oppidum was probably in the first half of the 2nd century BC. built behind a double row of fortifications (called murus Gallicus) of wood, stone and earth.

1000 boeddha's

Visit the Temple of 1000 Buddhas in the south of the Morvan; a colorful Buddhist temple with enormous Buddha statues, tapestries and paintings located in a beautiful park. Every evening at 7pm there is a ceremony where you may be present.

De Morvan

Morvan (from the Celtic: Mar = black and Van = mountain) is a hilly area in southern Burgundy. The mountain is actually an offshoot of the Massif Central, and consists mainly of granite rock. The highest peak is the Haut-Folin with a height of 901 meters, followed by Mont Préneley with 855 meters. The Mont Beuvray, on which the ancient Celtic town Bibracte is excavated, belongs with its 821 meters to the high peaks. Since 1970, the area has protection as a Regional Nature Reserve. Morvan knows from north to south four areas, the Lower Morvan (Bas-Morvan), Hill Morvan (Haut-Morvan Collinéen), Mountain Morvan (Haut-Morvan Montagnard) and the slightly undulating country delivers. Especially the Morvan Mountain is covered with large quantities of dense mixed forest, interspersed with large meadow areas. In the Morvan, many works, including reservoirs such as the Lac de Saint-Agnan and Lac des Settons. There gush some rivers like the Yonne, the Arroux and Cousin. Because industry is lacking, there is hardly any air pollution. There is little light pollution that night gives a view of the Milky Way in a cloudless sky. Needless to say, the Morvan, a beautiful walking and cycling area is where you can fully enjoy the fresh air, the breathtaking nature and silence.


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